Changing a school uniform

7 Steps to a New and Great Looking Uniform

1. Inform your retail stockist and / or wholesale supplier immediately

This is so raw materials and uniform stocks can be reviewed, with replenishment orders stopped or minimised. This is very IMPORTANT so we can minimise wastage and keep future costs down. Stock ordering and raw materials have long lead times and raw materials are held in stock specifically for your school to minimise delivery times.

2. Form a uniform committee

The committee is be formed by parents, teachers, the school board and students.

Research supply possibilities and ideas for the uniform by consulting with us. We give you expert advice on design, fabrics and costs. We also advise you of any pre-commitment with fabrics and stock on the existing uniform which may prolong the introduction of a new uniform. Dependant upon raw material and stocks, a nominal period of 18 months to 3 years notice may be required. Quantities of raw material are calculated to ascertain an accurate time frame. This allows stocks to be sold down and all parties to consult on all options. In some cases, this time frame may be reduced.

3. Consult on broad ideas with parents and the school community

This is achieved through meetings and surveys. In our experience, once surveys or meetings are held about uniforms, sales of any existing uniforms cease. Hence the importance of Step one. Realistic notice should be given to the supplier or stockist to minimise existing stock and wastage. They also need time to implement the new stock. A “Phase in Phase out” works at the school, but actually has no effect on selling down old stocks. Please keep the announcement of a new uniform from the general community until all parties involved can agree on the new uniform launch date.

4. Establish styles and colours.

5. Ask us for draft concepts of your new uniform.

6. Once you and the committee are satisfied you have the perfect uniform, we will produce a sample for final approval.

7. Final sign off
Once the sample is approved and signed by the person in charge, orders are placed and your new uniforms are on their way!