We all love a bit of trivia to brighten our day! Here are some fascinating facts that you may not know about Shirts North…

FACT!  We start each day with good coffee! Our fuel of choice fires us up to create and innovate. There’s nothing like a great coffee buzz to get the cogs turning as we brainstorm designs and cutting-edge (pun intended!) garments for our customers.  

FACT!  We have been in business since Bob Hawke was Prime Minister and before anybody had ever heard of Home and Away. In fact, we opened our doors in 1987. Over 30 years and still going strong! 

FACT!  Both Shirts North (Australia) and Shirts North (Vietnam) are owned and operated by Captivations Teamwear, namely Lou and Ben Beard. The husband-and-wife team base their approach on one good ole fashion value – customer service.  Ben - our managing director – manages our Australian operations and business growth with a spring in his step and a brain that never stops, whilst Lou is our finance guru who keeps everything in check! 

And let’s not forget Greg (all-round top bloke!), who manages our Vietnam factory. Both teams in Australia and Vietnam are built on a combination of great communication, trust and fun! Thanks to Zoom, there is never any shortage of either.  

 FACT!  Since July 2014, we have offered wholesale supply under the DETE Preferred Supplier arrangement (SOA 101124) of school uniforms for P&C’s and school run Uniform Shops for Qld Schools. This allows schools and P & C’s the reassurance that we are an accredited supplier of a reputable product at a competitive price, under a single quote basis.  

 FACT!  We love our work even more than coffee (see Fact #1 above!) And we bet you a latte that you will too!