A: Yes, of course! Please contact our staff and we can discuss the custom manufacture process.

A: Yes. We can provide sample garments. This gives you the opportunity to look at the quality of our work, feel the fabrics and check for sizing. You will be required to return these items to our office within 14 days. If not returned, a fee to cover the cost of the garments will be charged.

A. Yes, we do, however, many styles of garments have a differing sizing chart, so please let us know which garment/s you would like and our staff can send you the appropriate sizing chart. A simple way to get the right size is to lay your own favourite garment flat, measure it from armpit to armpit and use this measurement to select the matching size on the appropriate chart.


A: Yes. We can provide sample garments and fabric swatches. This gives you the opportunity to look at the quality of our work, feel the fabrics and check sizing.

A: You will be required to return these items to our office within 14 days. If not returned, a fee to cover the cost of the garment will be charged.

Turnaround Time

A: This question has variable answers depending on your choice of garment and how it is produced. As an indication, please allow 2-3 weeks for stock ready made garments and 6-8 weeks for custom made garments. If you require a definite time, please contact our service team and they will advise based upon your needs.


A: Yes. We can provide sample fabric swatches or sample garments (in some cases).

A: Sublimated garments: Every colour is available except flourescent colours! Sublimation is perfect for colour freedom!

Catalogue ready made and custom made garments: Not all styles come in all colours, so if you require a specific colour, let our team know and they can advise of the garments to choose from or view the catalogue for the appropriate colours available.

A: Yes. All fabrics eventually fade over time. However, cotton and poly cotton will generally fade faster than 100% polyester.

A: Yes, our fabrics are designed for school and sports wear in the tropical climate. Our polyester fabrics have a wicking treatment applied to them to allow the comfort level to be as best as possible. Other mixed fabrics are dependent upon conditions and personal taste.

Artwork & Design

A: Yes. We have pattern makers, designers and many years of experience. To help us provide you with the most efficient and economical service, please supply information such as drawings, types of fabrics, colours, measurements and any styles you’ve seen that you like.

A: Supplying your own artwork as ideas for our designers to create: Please provide your sketches or mock ups to give our designers a general idea. If photo images are required in the design they must be high resolution which does NOT mean grabbing something from the internet. All images from the internet are low resolution (poor quality for print). Images from the internet may also be subject to copyright and Shirts North will not be able to copy it unless it is owned by you. You can provide images for ideas and our designers will create your design based on this style.

Supplying artwork: Please provide high resolution vector artwork in a pdf format. All images at 300dpi, CMYK and fonts converted to curves. Please submit your artwork and we will advise if the artwork is suitable for print use.

Alternatively, you can choose from our stock designs: Simply give us the stock number, your choice of colours and your high quality logo.

A: The more information you supply, the faster it will be. If you really don’t know have anything and are not sure of what you would like, our designers can still create a terrific piece of artwork, however, it increases the art time and therefore the cost to you, especially if you require a few changes to get what you want. To keep artwork time to a minimum, please supply high quality images and logos, with a good idea of style and colours. Depending on the complexity of your artwork, art time can take anywhere between 1-8 hours! So please send our team a description of what you’re looking for and we can give you a more accurate estimate.

Minimum Orders

A: Yes. The minimum quantity depends on the garments and the process. Please contact our customer service team for assistance.


A. Our entire stock range is available on our website by clicking on the brand links or we have catalogues in our office. These catalogues are only available for our ready made garments.

Other Questions

A: We can custom make to suit your requirements. That’s our specialty! Give us a call to discuss your needs and we will work with you to find the most appropriate solution.